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Better Aging - understanding its challenges

We are passionate about making Wisdom a central theme of aging! Our ever-growing media library offers diverse insights to some of humanity’s most pressing questions on aging. In addition to our collection of interviews, we conduct specialized conferences and medical research for maintaining mobility and reducing injurious falls in seniors. We are a Swiss non-profit Association.

Keeping it Simple: Our inquiry focuses on 5 main themes of aging, allowing for a concentrated and accessible approach. Our set of 25 questions captures the essence of the aging process in simple specificity, while offering a buffet of answers from sincere and experienced interviewees. This quest also includes significant medical research, which we conduct in collaboration with medical centers in the U.S., China and Switzerland to embrace a global approach.

We have found that today's society underestimates the dangers of losing mobility, increasing isolation, loneliness and catastrophic falls in older adults. This process of aging heavily burdens individuals, families and communities. We are acting now so our society will have new and necessary tools to meet the needs of the “tsunami of elders” arriving after 2021. This generation will require support as balance, mobility, family and independence issues become ever more pressing. We believe that our offerings will serve individuals and communities in need with great efficacy. See our Research Tab for more information on our medical research. You can donate now to support this important investigation!
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