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Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

"Reb Zalman". (1924-July 3, 2014) Born in Poland in 1924 and raised in Vienna where he was simultaneously immersed in both traditional Judaism and secular modernism by attending a yeshiva and a leftist-Zionist high school. After fleeing from Nazi advance and imprisonment by the Vichy-French government, his flight from Europe led him to New York City when he was 17. He entered the Lubavitch Yeshiva and was ordained in 1947. He received an M.A. in the Psychology of Religion (Boston University, ‘56); Doctor of Hebrew Letters (Hebrew Union College, ‘68).
For 20 years he was Professor of Religion and Head of the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada. In 1975 he became Professor of Religion in Jewish Mysticism and Psychology of Religion at Temple University in Philadelphia where he was Professor Emeritus. In 1995 he was called to the world Wisdom Chair at Naropa University and later joined the faculty in the Dept. of Religion. He retired from the faculty and was also emeritus at Naropa University.
His own experience of aging and eldering compelled him to found the Spiritual Eldering Institute in 1989, encouraged and assisted by professionals and colleagues in the field of aging. NOTE: Reb Zalman was a founder of the Legacy of Wisdom project, archiving and publishing his own Legacy teachings.

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