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The Library

Welcome! The Library is our central resource, presenting a range of answers to pressing questions on aging. Focusing on 5 major themes of aging, we offer a carefully constructed set of 2-5 penetrating questions per subject – a simple and powerful approach.
If we live, we age. You will hear from people speaking to our human condition from their broad perspectives. We hope they may be of guidance – for you, family members, friends and community. You can:
  1. - View questions – one question with a buffet of answers.
  2. - Download transcripts (PDF or Word)
  3. - See answers from just one interviewee.
  4. - Explore “additional archives” – Published material from our conferences and additional resources.

Fulfillment & Mission

The quest to understand and fulfill life’s mission has stimulated Philosophical and Spiritual literature for millennia. We are faced with re-examining what we have done in our lives and reflecting on “Who am I, Why am I here, what's still to do?”


  • Rabbi Arthur Green

    Rabbi Green has been a wonderful spokesperson for deep perspectives on Jewish mysticism..... read more...
  • Anna Halprin

    Famous dancer Anna Halprin, now in her 90's, still leads classes from her home in California... read more.... 
  • Lama Surya Das

    Lama Surya Das is one of the foremost Western Buddhists. Read more...
  • Rabbi Zalman Schachter

    I was born in Poland in 1924 and raised in Vienna where I was simultaneously immersed in both traditional Judaism more


2011 - Legacy of Wisdom conference (New York City) with Mary Catherine Bateson, Roshi Joan Halifax, Jane Fonda, Rick Moody, Ram Dass.

2013 - Legacy of Wisdom conference (Boulder, CO) with Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, Ram Dass, Ken Zuckerman (concert), Joan Borysenko, faculty of Naropa University.