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Legacy of Wisdom

MEDICAL RESEARCH Power Centering for Seniors - Maintaining Mobility and Reducing Falls in Seniors. Legacy of Wisdom is co-conducting important medical research with the Felix Platter Hospital in Basel, Switzerland. Click here to learn more (www.centeringforseniors.org). We thank you for your generous donation! Together, we can make a difference!

Aging with a sense of wisdom and
belonging is a great gift. Wise aging allows the ability to meet the challenges of aging with less anxiety and improve the quality of life. With video interviews, conferences, study and research, we explore what “wise aging" can be. Throughout our site you will find an open perspective mirrored in our diverse approaches and hope you will find pearls to take with you.

Legacy of Wisdom seeks to document, currate, and disseminate the wisdom of celebrated teachers and leaders from around the world to provide pertinent knowledge for a comprehensive and integrated path towards our later years in life.

We continue to add content over time. Your feedback and insights are always welcome.